Friday, November 23, 2007

First Bus Ride

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Milo and I finally got to experience something I've been promising him for the last two months. We took a ride on the Cap Metro bus.

I got off work early so I rode the bus over to pick up Milo from Stepping Stone. After picking up his things and saying goodbye to all of his friends and teachers, we walked over to the nearest bus stop and waited for the next one to come along. While we waited, Milo told me all about his day and we pointed out all the different cars and scooters that drove by.

When the bus finally pulled up Milo walked right on like it was perfectly normal for him... he wasn't scared or nervous at all. We sat down and took the 10 min ride back to our apartment.

When we got off we said "Thank You" to the bus driver and he wished us a happy Thanksgiving.

A couple of notable things happened to us during the walk back to our apartment.

1. The next bus pulled up to a nearby stop and Milo ran after it and shouted "I wanna go again!"

(Unfortunately Mommy happened to drive by a few seconds too late to see that one)

2. Not one, but two different attractive young coeds walked up to Milo and flirted with him. He so could have gotten their numbers if he was old enough to have the sense to ask for them.

I get the feeling the boy is going to break a few hearts when he gets older.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Where's Milo?

Joey has been earning extra cutie points by playing the classic childhood game of 'peek-a-boo'.

'Where's Joey?' has become a common game/distraction for the little guy... and he'll laugh and laugh while repeatedly covering and uncovering his eyes.

So on our way out for pizza this evening, Milo decided he wanted in on the action as well.

After a couple of rounds of 'Where's Joey?'... Milo chimmed in by covering his own eyes and saying 'Where's Me?'

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Milo & Joey meet a new friend

Yes, it was a bit of an impromptu petting zoo at the book festival.

Odd thing is.. I think Joey finally found another creature that will put as many diverse things in its mouth as he does.

When I asked Milo what it was, he's response was "sheep!"... not a bad guess for someone who's yet to make his first trip to a farm.

I did correct him by saying "No Milo.. that's a goat... he has horns on his head just like you."

The cowboy guy thought it was funny.