Friday, April 30, 2010

See You Next Saturday Carl...

Today Milo and I attended a Kindergarten playdate at the elementary school he'll be attending this fall.

Those of you who know Milo are aware that he can be a little shy. It didn't help that I woke him up from a near comatose nap at daycare to take him there. He did warm up after awhile.

After about an hour of playing we determined that the school was pretty cool but there were a low number of hot moms.

Aside from that, the afternoon was filled with flashbacks from all the fun I had at school... and all the trouble we got in for most of it.

I can't believe it's almost time to send him off to school. He may be ready, but I'm not so sure about his old man.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Milo - Music Critic 2.0

On the way to school today we were listening to Type O Negative's "October Rust" album. YES... I know Type O Negative is not exactly the most kid-friendly choice in music... but that particular album is probably the least objectionable. Besides... Daddy is still mourning the loss of one of his favorite musicians. ;-(

Milo's comment about the song "In Praise of Bacchus" was "Dad, I like this song. First it is low... then it's rock & roll."

Anyone familiar with Type O can probably agree that Milo summed up the band's 20 year career in a single sentence.

Joey Assaulted by Inanimate Object

So the toy of the week in Happy Meals seems to be a variety of leftovers from recent Dreamworks movies. One of the ones we got this week was a plastic Po figure from Kung Fu Panda.

Well, Joey was flailing the toy around and ended up knocking himself in the head with it.... fairly hard I might add. He started crying and said "Daddy! Po hit me!" and proceeded to throw Po across the room.

We think he actually thought Po hit him...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Milo's Big Race

On Saturday morning Milo took part in the Jr. Dillo 1/2 Mile Run that was part of the Capital 10K weekend festivities. Mommy had a job fair to attend so we brought her stunt double Auntie Barbara.

The race was a fun run... and parents were encouraged to run along with their kids. I asked Milo if he wanted me to run with him and he said yes.

So when we hit the starting line we took off and hand-in-hand ran the entire 1/2 course. With about 100 yards left Milo said "Dad, can you carry me?" I said "Milo, the finish line is right there... you can do it... let's finish strong."

So we crossed the finish line in 5:47 and hugged and high-fived. It was awesome!

(Cue teary eyes)

After we got home Milo came up to me and said "I love you Dad... thanks for helping me win!"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Irony is...

The following conversation took place at 7:45am on Thursday morning on the way to school...

Joey: Daddy!
Daddy: What Joey?
Joey: Daddy!
Daddy: What Joey?
Joey: Dad! Daddy!
Daddy: What?
Joey: Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy: What???
Joey: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy: WHAT???
Joey: Daddy! Milo told me to be quiet!