Friday, April 23, 2010

Milo - Music Critic 2.0

On the way to school today we were listening to Type O Negative's "October Rust" album. YES... I know Type O Negative is not exactly the most kid-friendly choice in music... but that particular album is probably the least objectionable. Besides... Daddy is still mourning the loss of one of his favorite musicians. ;-(

Milo's comment about the song "In Praise of Bacchus" was "Dad, I like this song. First it is low... then it's rock & roll."

Anyone familiar with Type O can probably agree that Milo summed up the band's 20 year career in a single sentence.

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Auntie Baaaaaaaaabara said...

OH MY GOD MARK, Milo is so your son :) This proves it all :) Love it!