Saturday, July 21, 2007

"I want some chocolate juice"

Ok, so tonight's dinner, consisting of a special evening edition of our weekly pancake feed, gave us a whole new (and hopefully uncopywrited) term for chocolate milk.

Joey seemed quite with gnawing on individial pieces of pancake in an effort to see if a particular one tasted better than another.

Milo's dinner started out a little more challenging. Daddy accidently set Milo's plate within Joey's reach. In a matter of seconds, Milo's 2 pancakes - cut in quadrants, were quickly whisked away by a single chubby little infant arm. Also, when Milo realized he was out of chocolate milk, he made the following announcement:

"I want some chocolate juice"

He actually said 'chocolate' correctly the first time. However, this statment cause Mommy and Daddy to giggle... so then Milo repeated it several times. In these subsequent repititions, he replaced the standard pronunciation of 'chocolate' with a phoentically similar 'choc-elate' similar to how he still pronounces 'blankelet'

Anyway... my point being.... move over Hershey's... Milo may have his own product line soon.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wearing cardboard box hats

I came home on Wednesday to find the boys wearing empty 12-pack soft drink boxes on their heads. Sure, it looks funny now... but wait until they try this for their first job interviews.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The long and winding road

The boys were real troopers today, as we scoured Austin for a VHS player. Apparently, the only people that own them are those that are moving and ALL MUST GO NOW! or a few people in Kansas.

Okay, that's not really true. Our VHS/DVD player died. It was a sad day, and even sadder when it was realized that we would no longer be able to watch Clifford tapes or Meade High School games anymore. So we quested off...

This photo is at the end of the trip, at the Red Robin. In my eyes, it is THE perfect shot of the boys' personalities. Milo's all about business, Joey's all about the party.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's all about the love of two brothers

We're trying to impart the idea of "sharing" with Milo. This is no easy feat, as he is well-known for his stealing of toys and/or hitting kids when they take his toys (esp. trucks).

Yesterday morning, I sat at breakfast with the boys, taking turns with all of us sharing my oatmeal. Milo was loving it, Joey seemed pleased, I was still hungry.

As we were getting ready to leave for school, I caught Joey grabbing one of Milo's toy cars.

Milo's response was a very passionate scream of "SHARE!"

At least he's starting to get the concept...


In the past year or so, I've taken to wearing patchouli (fragrance, known for keeping hippies from smelling like days-old leftovers). I'll dab a bit on after showering, and I love the musty, warm scent.

Last night, Milo took a shower with me (new for him, not being scared of the shower). Afterwards, I put on some patchouli. He seemed interested, so I let him smell it from the bottle.

He looked at me and said one thing: "Dirt."

Now I feel like a freakin' hippie.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Joey spit on his blankelet"

To fully understand the statement above... you must know that while Milo used to say the word 'blanket' fine, he now calls it a 'blankelet'... some sort of cross between blanket and bracelet.

On Friday night, Milo informed us that Joey had spit up on his blanket. When we assessed the damage, Joey had actually done more of a Linda Blair impersonation than a simple spit up.

Still, it showed that Milo is starting to be a good big brother...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hits from yesteryear

Since not everyone is on myspace... I thought I'd go ahead and copy some of my favorite Milo & Joey blogs to this site. Consider this a 'clip show'.... Enjoy!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Parenting Lesson .4
On Saturday morning, Milo woke me up by repeatedly hitting me in the head with a piece of pottery... I kinda think mommy told him to

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Parenting Lesson .3

Ok, so this is not so much a lesson, but just a funny thing. I was changing Joey last night. At the same time, Milo was trying to climb up the side of the changing table.
So Joey started to pee and it ended up getting on my shirt. When I jumped back, the stream must have hit Milo in the face because he started crying and ran out of the room screaming like he was one of the kids in "Goonies"
I let Irene take over the diaper duty and went to check on Milo... He's doing ok with his new brother, but getting squirted in the face with urine probably set their relationship back a few steps.

Thursday, April 06, 2006
Parenting-Lesson 2

I guess I have to say that it is hard to not be discouraged by witnessing your genetic contribution to the planet dip his hand in the toilet bowl and then lick his fingers

Friday, April 07, 2006
Milo Wins Big Race!

Milo won his stick pony race at Stepping Stone daycare today!
Actually, he didn't just win... he kicked ass!
Riding 'Demonmaker,' an all-black stick pony with eyes of fire and a mane like Blackie Lawless himself (co-constructed by Daddy), Milo made it to the finish line and half-way back before the other stupid babies knew what the hell was going on!
Mommy Irene was there to witness his triumphant victory.
Let this be a lesson to those who dare to challenge the mighty Milo!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


This was Milo's response to our suggestion that he should have a nap or "quiet time" today.

To be more specific, we always have trouble getting Milo to take a nap on the weekends. Since today was a holiday, it was pretty much a weekend day for all of us.

So while Joey was fast asleep, we asked Milo if he was ready for some quiet time... he shouted back "NO QUIET TIME!"

Needless to say, he went without a nap today.