Sunday, July 31, 2011

Like Cosby Like Son

So earlier this week when I picked up Milo at daycare I noticed a banner in the classroom that had all the kids' handprints in paint on it. All of them except for Milo's.

I asked Milo where his was and he said that he 'didn't feel like doing it.' We've had a few issues with group participation in the past and as a dad it's tough to find balance on how to address them.

I think one of the most enduring moments in TV history took place in the pilot episode of The Cosby Show when Theo and his dad were talking about his poor report card and the parents' expectations for his schoolwork. When young Theo asked 'I wouldn't love you any less if you weren't a doctor.... Maybe you can just accept me and love me for who I am anyway.' and Dr Huxtable responded with "Theo that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! No wonder you get D's in everything!"

So... once again I tried to put my own spin on something and ended up with a lesson for both Milo and I.

I said to Milo, "You know.. there will always be things in school that your teacher asks you to do that you might not want to do. It's important that you do them anyway... because do you know what happens if you don't do what your teacher tells you to do? You'll be a dumbass!"

Thankfully, Milo agreed that he didn't want to be a dumbass.

I tried to drive the point home further by saying "What if I didn't feel like being a dad anymore? And didn't feel like making sure you had food and clothes and toys and a home. What would happen then?"

Milo's response.... "You'd be dumbass?"

While we still have to work on consequences... at least he was paying attention.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Phun with Photo Booth

Well, at least this explained all the ruckus I heard by the computer...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Now He Tells Me....

So the other night while we were waiting for The Muppet Movie to start at the drive-in Milo made the following statement:

"Dad, if you hadn't married Mom you could have married that hot chick..."

I do love Irene a lot... especially her sense of humor and forgiveness.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Awful Falafel

So the other night we prepared pizza for the boys while Irene and I enjoyed some falafel. We've learned the hard way that it's best to have a backup dinner for them when trying anything non-traditional.

Milo was intriqued by the falafel. We told him it looked like a meatball but it was green on the inside.

He was brave enough for one bite... but the immediate reaction on his face was priceless. His only response was "Yeah, don't do that again!" while spitting the one bite into the sink.

I do have to give him props for at least trying something new. That may be our new rule... if you try it and don't like it, you can make all derrogatory comments about it that you want. Deal?