Monday, March 31, 2008

Just following orders

This evening, Milo wanted to dine at "eat fresh."

So, we headed to Subway, a family favorite.

As we were eating, Joey kept getting off the chair to get random things off the ground. Mark finally said, "Joey, get in your chair."

To which, Milo replied: "Kick his ass."

Yes, Sir!

Extreme Duck, Duck, Goose

Here's a new sport that we're pitching to ESPN2.... Extreme Duck, Duck, Goose.

In the spirit of all the risky BMX and Snowboarding events these days... Joey has left all fears in the locker room and decided to take on this thrilling new sport.

Extreme Duck, Duck, Goose combines the excitement of alligator wrestling with the fun of a petting zoo.

Brought to you by Mountain Dew!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's the Burger King

Today we went to Burger King... it was your typical post-divorce family child swap at a fast food setting... .with the exception that Irene had a dr appt and this was just the easiest way to handle dinner.

So Irene ordered food for the boys and the #19 bus dropped me off just in time to grab the last bite of her veggie burger.

Milo was trying to be the emcee of the evening and commented rather loudly about every single person who walked by our table.

One tall African-American gentleman passed us and Milo proclaimed "That man's the Burger King!"

God only knows what might have happened if the Sambo's chain was still around...

March Madness-toddler style

Saturday afternoon... Mommy was volunteering at the Library.

The boys and I decided to go outside and play a little basketball ourselves.

Who needs 32 college basketball games when we've got each other...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Milo and Joey Helping In the Kitchen

... Either that or they just wanted to play with the cookware.

Sometimes the best help you can get in the kitchen doesn't have anything to do with cooking.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Milo Making Fun of His Old Man

We were headed to Best Buy. While I was strapping Milo into his car seat, he started to mimic the sounds of his old man when preparing for an outing:

"Let's Go"

"Let's Go"

"Hold My Hand"

"Hold My Hand"

"Where are my keys?"

"Where are my keys?"

At least he didn't do his usual routine... Most of the time he waits until I've almost got him buckled in and while my hands are busy with the seatbelt he'll sucker-punch me in the face...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Passover!

Ok... so we live right across the street from the Jewish Community Center. That's pretty cool because it's a very safe neighborhood and the HEB grocery store is always stocked with Matzo crackers and other good Kosher stuff.

Milo and I saw this sign today. I said to him "Hey first born male child... you'd better watch your ass..."

Orange Juice Bath

Cup coordination issue or solo champion food fighter training... your guess is as good as ours.