Friday, September 26, 2008

A Raisin in the Son

This morning at approximately 6:45am I had to extract a raisin from Joey's nostril.

How did this happen? Well.. Milo and Joey were having breakfest... Milo was saying that he didn't want raisins.. and then crying when Irene took them away.

Then out of nowhere Joey started crying. I recalled that his finger had been in his nose moments before his tears started, so without hesitation I asked "Joey, did you stick a raisin in your nose?" ... much in the same manner one would ask "Did you get enough to eat?'

Joey responded by pointing to his face and saying "Raisin... nose... waahhh!"

So I picked him up and we walked to the bathroom. He was actually quite calm at this point. With a quick pluck of the tweasers the raisin came out easily and there was no permanent damage.

The only sad thing was that had I actually carried through with my medical studies and Joey wasn't my kid.. I probably would have make $300 for that!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't go breaking my heart...

Ms. Sarah revealed the following tidbit from yesterday-

Milo and a friend were playing rough outside. Milo stopped playing rough, but the other kid didn't. Milo then told the kid he was "going to take you down" and made the Spiderman hands (then made machine gun noises).

That same day, when another friend said something Milo didn't like- Milo told the kid "I don't like what you're saying- you're breaking my heart."

This kid has a lot of stuff on his mind! I'm impressed!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Joey's still working on using his words and he gets very frustrated when we try to force his hand sometimes. Friday evening was met with the usual greeting I get from Joey when I walk in the door. "Daddy!" he yells as he runs to give me a 'hug' in the same manner that linebackers 'hug' quarterbacks.

I picked Joey up and he immediately started pointed at one of the following objects and started yelling "Mine!" The list of objects includes:

Misc. Hot Wheels cars
Mommy's keys
A sippy cup

Not knowing what he was referring to when he said "Mine" I used this as an opportunity to make him tell me what it was that he wanted.

"Joey, I don't know what it is that you want. Can you tell me?"

He pointed in the direction of all three options and said "That!"


Ok, so this past Thursday was a bit different for us. Both Milo and Daddy stayed home because we had the flu. Thursday was also the day our new table was going to be delivered.

So the delivery guys from furniture place knocked at the door and when Daddy let them in Milo pointed his Mr. Freeze action figure at them and yelled 'Freeze!'

At this point I should probably tell you that the delivery guys were both Hispanic guys with shaved heads, ripped arms, and covered in tattoos.

I told Milo "You probably shouldn't tease those guys because it looks like they could probably mess you up and I probably wouldn't stop them."

"That's ok," said one of the guys, "we're used to hearing people yell 'Freeze' at us all the time."

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We're Messing Stuff Up!

So this afternoon Irene ran to the store for a few things. They boys were playing, so I thought I'd peek at the amount of e-mails I would have waiting for me when I got back to the office after being out for Grandma Good's funeral.

Milo and Joey kept coming into the room as I was trying to read the e-mail... so I had to shoo them out repeatedly, saying.."Please go find something to do and I'll be out in a minute."

At one point I heard a crash and I got up and ran to the boys' room... and this is what I found.

I said "I thought I told you guys to find something to do!"

"We did" Milo proudly replied, "We're messing stuff up!"

BTW - for more on Grandma Good's life and legacy, please visit (website by cousin Brad Good)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Was not included in mandatory handbook

I was asked today, what do I "usually do when Joey falls asleep with food in his mouth?"


Yeah, so I go into Joey's class to see him passed out with 1/2 a bread crust in his mouth and the other 1/2 on his nap mat.

It's so gross that I put on a glove to "fish out" whatever else might be in his mouth. A glove. My own offspring.

To end, there was nothing more in his mouth. I did wait him out ten minutes at dinner until he managed to finally finish one bite of sandwich. Sheer determination.

Age is in the mind of the beholder

Today is Milo's 4th birthday! Yeah!

Throughout the day, I've asked him how old he is- in no order...

"I don't know."

Well, I DO know. The little bugger arrived six hours before my/his baby shower. Six weeks early and just shy of six pounds.

Now he's about thirty pounds, becoming an awesome artist (the stick people now have arms!), and a total joy to watch grow up.

There are plenty (re: PLENTY) of times that Milo and I have crossed paths that haven't been as pleasant as one would like. I can see the ways he's starting to take on my traits a little more clearly. I just hope he holds onto being a sweetheart.

And, I hope that he would also learn to count. At least to four.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Learning to count the hard way (aka Milo Pavlov)

So tonight's dinner was met with the usual events... Part of which involves one or more of the kids inexplicably getting up from the table to run around the dinning room.

After several attempts to corral Joey back to his veggie dog and freedom fries Irene gave him an ultimatum.

"Joey, you'd better get back in your chair by the time I count to 5...." said mommy.

The next thing we heard was Milo saying "One...."

I think it's time we came up with a new system of compliance because the kids are obviously on to us...