Sunday, July 27, 2008

Joey and the Potty

Crazy as it sounds, but Joey is becoming quite the little man on the potty!

He has gone several times this weekend, both #1 AND #2.

Yes, I have high hopes that we will soon have two boys in underwear.

No, I do not want to "rescue" another Hot Wheels car out of another "used" toilet bowl.*

(Apparently, my excessive "bleaching" of the car did not suffice, and may it rest in piece in the trashcan.)

*There is photographic evidence of this event, but it is not for the faint of heart. And, really, do you need to see it? Take my word for it: ewwww!

How Many Apple Jacks Can I Fit In My Ear?

Milo's dear teacher, Ms. Sarah, told me that Milo posed the above question to his peers on Friday.

He then became disappointed that his "ears are too small- only two fit!"

I then told Ms. Sarah to look at the size of Milo's nostrils. They've been commented on before as being "impossibly small." Wonder where that'll get him in life...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Milo Good, registered weapon

So this isn't the best pic and when Irene first sent it over I thought it was a pic of Milo getting into trouble during Kung Fu.

The little guy in the white Kung Fu uniform is Milo getting tested for the next level of Kung Fu. He passed his test with flying colors and Mr. Jeff was amazed at how quickly he has picked things up.

Now Milo is an official 'yellow belt' in Kung Fu! ...which means that the next time he knees me in the head it will probably hurt even more!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Little Bits 'o Joey

Joey has been lying low these days. His teacher, Ms. Nohea, reports that temper tantrums are on the rise, but the daily full-toddler throttle of body-slamming remains the same.

Joey is Joey. He's a tank of a kid and is "all boy." He plays rough with his big brother, and he plays rough at school. The thing is, Joey doesn't think he's playing rough, he's just REALLY hugging his brother and friends. And that can result in such phrases as "Mom, Joey gave me blood" and "Go spank Joey!"

But, Joey has had some cuter moments...

Get him to say any of the following and see how easy it is to love this little man: Spiderman, helicopter, apricots, papaya, monkey, yes m'am, Joey and any teacher's name at school.

I got to really hang out with him yesterday, just me and Junior. We snuggled, we napped, and at the end of the day, he told me:

"No kisses! No hugs!"

Awwww... he's going to break some girl's heart someday.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Milo Moments

This past week has included a lot of "Wait- we gotta put that on the blog!" moments.

Here are a few from Milo's growing cache of a budding personality-

As I was wheeling my class inside, I saw Milo's teacher, Ms. Sarah, holding the door open for me, and Milo screaming on the other side. She told me that he was hitting people in the face with LEGOS. Then, he refused to go outside with the class. So, Ms. Sarah had to grab him and carry him outdoors, and he managed to kick her in the shins.

A. I am totally embarrassed. I mean, hitting people in THE FACE? With LEGOS?
B. Milo hurt his teacher- that is so not cool.
C. What on earth is his problem?

...and then I got a little more in-depth report of the incident, as we were leaving for the day...

Apparently, the LEGOS belong in the Block Center. Several kids took them from the Block Center and were playing with them on the table. Milo then went to each kid, took a LEGO, and hit them in the head while saying variations of "This doesn't belong here! Put this away!"

I mean, I'm glad that he knows that we put toys where they belong, but I can't imagine he won too much fondness from classmates.

(And the shin-kicking was probably an accident, and he did apologize to Ms. Sarah. As did I.)


Milo spilled his cup of milk at lunch, and it seemed to have made quite a mess. Unprompted, Milo went to get something to clean it up. He got a paper towel. And crumpled it into a little ball.

Ms. Sarah: Milo, I think you are going to need more paper towels.

Milo: No, that's WASTING! (He goes off and gets another paper towel.)

Ms. Sarah: You're doing a great job cleaning up, but I think you need a few more paper towels.


(Ms. Sarah gets more towels and the mess is cleaned. I suppose that our conservation efforts at home are making it to school...)


Friday was "Circus Day" for the Pre-K classes. When I passed the kids' Big Tent Fun, everyone was having a blast. Milo's class wasn't out yet, but when I was taking my class indoors, I spotted him sitting off to the side, arms crossed, crying. I asked and was told that he wanted to play the fishing game but didn't want to wait for the next turn. Seemed reasonable, I thought, for a 3 yr old.

I later found out that Milo was crying because he was stealing candy from the fishing game, and wasn't allowed to play unless he waited. C'mon, kid- stealing in a public place? Didn't we raise you better?


Last weekend, Mark hooked up the travel TV in the boys' room, so they could watch cartoons (and I could watch Juno).

We told the kids that they couldn't watch the TV during the week. After catching them sneaking Cartoon Network a few times, Mark took the TV out of the room.

Milo finally noticed when he sat in his little Spiderman chair, in the direction of where the TV was. He looked confused, then started calling after it, as if it were a missing pet:

"TV? Where are you? TV? Are you here? Where are you?''

Mark and I could barely contain the giggles.

~Another week with Milo and learning more about how he's turning into a little of me and a little of Mark.~