Monday, July 14, 2008

Little Bits 'o Joey

Joey has been lying low these days. His teacher, Ms. Nohea, reports that temper tantrums are on the rise, but the daily full-toddler throttle of body-slamming remains the same.

Joey is Joey. He's a tank of a kid and is "all boy." He plays rough with his big brother, and he plays rough at school. The thing is, Joey doesn't think he's playing rough, he's just REALLY hugging his brother and friends. And that can result in such phrases as "Mom, Joey gave me blood" and "Go spank Joey!"

But, Joey has had some cuter moments...

Get him to say any of the following and see how easy it is to love this little man: Spiderman, helicopter, apricots, papaya, monkey, yes m'am, Joey and any teacher's name at school.

I got to really hang out with him yesterday, just me and Junior. We snuggled, we napped, and at the end of the day, he told me:

"No kisses! No hugs!"

Awwww... he's going to break some girl's heart someday.


Haylie33 said...
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Haylie33 said...

Very cute boys!!! I'll be sure to ask Renee! =]
-Bathroom Goddess-