Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There are only so many ways...

you can cook veggie chicken nuggets and tater tots before you start to lose it

Saturday, February 23, 2008

We're confused

In the span of ten minutes, Milo uttered these two phrases (to himself, but we were all in the bedroom):

"jungle fever"


"He-Man is gay"


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Commentary on Pop Culture Art

This t-shirt for the band Poison was described, by Milo, as:

"Skeletor with a hat on eating chocolate on a spoon."


Batman #672

February 11th marked the first official trip to a comic book store for Daddy and Milo. Well, it wasn't the actual first visit... but this was the first trip where our sole mission was to buy a comic book... the first one we were just window shopping while waiting for some Chinese carryout when Mommy was in the hospital with Joey.

For his first comic book, Milo selected Batman - mostly due to the fact that the cover featured the Caped Crusader riding a 'scooter' on the cover.

Well, Milo's first comic book lasted all of 5-1/2 days before getting pulled apart by a young and relatively unknown super villan named Joey the comic book destroyer.

Will we be able to repair it? Find out in next month's exciting issue!

In the meantime, let's just hope that this issue isn't one of those rare ones that ends up being worth $250,000.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Joey's Dinner Etiquette

When you're 20 months old and your parents constantly yell at you about eating with your hands and not using utensils... It is acceptable to throw them for a loop by attempting to eat an ice cream cone with a fork.

Don't Play with your food... DADDY!

The other night at EZ's, Daddy and Milo we're being silly.

Daddy put one of the empty plastic fry baskets on his head. Milo decided he wanted to play too. However, his basket wasn't entirely empty.

SO.. we ended up with a little shredded lettuce on our heads..

It was fun... but just think about all that money we've wasted on Hot Wheels cars

Joey's Talking

The scene begins in Milo and Joey's room. Both boys had been making noises after bedtime. I went in to check on them. After re-tucking Joey in, the following conversation took place between Milo and Daddy:







"Daddy... Joey's talking"

Joey helps Daddy pack for work

Actual Transcript from Joey's Cerebellum:

Fact - Daddy is a media buyer/planner

Fact - Daddy talks about TV shows a lot

Theory - Daddy must watch a lot of TV at work

Conclusion - Daddy must need the TV remote at work. Therefore, I should put the remote in his backpack.