Sunday, October 26, 2008

Watch out for children crossing

In an attempt to foster physical education in our children, we went to the courtyard of our apartment with two soccer balls.

While we were playing (I was really trying to enforce the "don't use your hands, use your feet"), I had a chance to side-kick the ball to Joey (who looked up from licking a rock). Then we heard it:

An awful screeching noise of tires and a "bump." Then Milo running at me. I knew what he did, and he knew what he did, so once I grabbed him, the hysterical crying started. Why?

Because Milo got on the golf cart (used for touring around the property) and it happened to be plugged in, and he happened to get on it and hit the gas, pushing it into the wall. The management ran out of the office, and the damage was only a few scuff marks on the wall.

I apologized, and wrestled Milo upstairs, where he dramatically threw himself onto Joey's bed, still crying.

Was it Milo's fault for stepping on the gas, when he's been repeatedly told in the past year NOT TO GET ON the cart? Or, was it management's fault for keeping the cart plugged in during the day, with (at least) four neighboring apartments having kids?

Or, it's everyone fault. Milo's still in his room, making vague threats and weird noises behind the door. And I'm not going to stop him. (I'm too embarrassed to go down and talk to the management, even though I could totally take them down.)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joey with the slight of hand

As we prepared on our way out for some Saturday morning errands, we had the usual course of events. The 10 minute shoe location and fitting... the last minute CD burn for the trip (Lou Reed's Greatest Hits for this story) and the shakedown of contraband toys - usually Hot Wheels cars.

What made today different also provided some insight into Joey's developing skills as a sneaky little turd.

When Irene said "Milo, no cars," our first born turned and jettisoned the two cars he was holding. However, Joey turned to face Irene and instinctively tucked his hand behind his back ala David Blaine in an attempt to conceal the forbidden Hot Wheels clenched in his fist.

Unfortunately, he forgot that I was standing behind him... and since he's behind on his bribe payments to me I had to call him out.

PS - don't bother trying find it, but he's still got the darn thing behind his back in this pic.

Auto Shop with Milo

Milo and I have always enjoyed trips to the auto supply stores we take for various projects and maintenance work. Whether it's changing wiper blades or burned-out tail lights, he's always eager to help.

So will he grow up to be an engineer? A mechanic? ...Or maybe he'll spend the rest of his life with a funnel on his head.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"I jumped!"

So today at the park Joey proved that he has no fear of heights. The pic on the left is Joey on a platform of a playscape at one of the parks in Austin. Moments before this pic was taken, Joey jumped from the top level (where he is standing) all the way down to the ground. This is easily a good 5 ft... or roughly 2x Joey's height.

As Joey jumped, several other parents gasped..

Joey hit the ground and after a few seconds of recovery, he looked up and smiled and yelled "I jumped!" That was pretty much all we needed as proof that was ok.

How he was still too afraid to play during Splash Day at school we'll never know.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Always in public

I'd like to think that Joey isn't the only child out there that will "earnestly embrace" a random stuffed farm animal in public.

It's disturbingly cute.

*oink oink*

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pick your Savior

Joey is talking more these days, and he's also been making some "bad choices."

In the past few weeks, if Daddy dealt with Joey's misbehavior, Joey would look to me for help. When I didn't, he then started chanting "No-Hey-Ah, No-Hey-Ah (his teacher)" for help.

Last night, Ms. Nohea was glossed over. With Mark holding Joey in a "fireman's hold," Joey tried to get my attention. After telling him that I will not be helping, his new phrase came:

"Auntie Barbara come home now! Auntie Barbara come home now!"

(He still got in trouble, but it's cute to see who he picks to help him out!)

Um, I'm busy right now...

Milo has been reluctant to attend his Kung Fu classes over the past month. We have ranging theories, but Ms. Sarah told me Monday's conversation best (and just really think of heavy-duty junior high acting, on Milo's part):

Ms. Sarah: Milo, do you want to put on your Kung Fu outfit and go to Kung Fu?

Milo: (heavily sighs) Um, I don't know... (sighs) I'm kinda busy building this castle here, so (sigh) I'm not sure right now.

As it turns out, Master Jeff doesn't have class the last week of a five-Monday month anyway... so Milo didn't end up missing class after all.

If you buy it, He will come...

We haven't covered the Misadventures of the Many Trips to Kansas that happened this summer.

There was one moment, though, that I will always recall...

We were coming inside from outdoor fun at Uncle Darrin's house, to spy Joey, huddling in the pantry, scarfing mini marshmallows.

It was endearing and embarrassing at the same time. And there is no other child on earth that can do that for me!