Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joey with the slight of hand

As we prepared on our way out for some Saturday morning errands, we had the usual course of events. The 10 minute shoe location and fitting... the last minute CD burn for the trip (Lou Reed's Greatest Hits for this story) and the shakedown of contraband toys - usually Hot Wheels cars.

What made today different also provided some insight into Joey's developing skills as a sneaky little turd.

When Irene said "Milo, no cars," our first born turned and jettisoned the two cars he was holding. However, Joey turned to face Irene and instinctively tucked his hand behind his back ala David Blaine in an attempt to conceal the forbidden Hot Wheels clenched in his fist.

Unfortunately, he forgot that I was standing behind him... and since he's behind on his bribe payments to me I had to call him out.

PS - don't bother trying find it, but he's still got the darn thing behind his back in this pic.

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