Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pick your Savior

Joey is talking more these days, and he's also been making some "bad choices."

In the past few weeks, if Daddy dealt with Joey's misbehavior, Joey would look to me for help. When I didn't, he then started chanting "No-Hey-Ah, No-Hey-Ah (his teacher)" for help.

Last night, Ms. Nohea was glossed over. With Mark holding Joey in a "fireman's hold," Joey tried to get my attention. After telling him that I will not be helping, his new phrase came:

"Auntie Barbara come home now! Auntie Barbara come home now!"

(He still got in trouble, but it's cute to see who he picks to help him out!)

1 comment:

Campbell's House said...

Sounds like I better ease up on the offers to take random toddlers home from school with me. =)