Saturday, July 21, 2007

"I want some chocolate juice"

Ok, so tonight's dinner, consisting of a special evening edition of our weekly pancake feed, gave us a whole new (and hopefully uncopywrited) term for chocolate milk.

Joey seemed quite with gnawing on individial pieces of pancake in an effort to see if a particular one tasted better than another.

Milo's dinner started out a little more challenging. Daddy accidently set Milo's plate within Joey's reach. In a matter of seconds, Milo's 2 pancakes - cut in quadrants, were quickly whisked away by a single chubby little infant arm. Also, when Milo realized he was out of chocolate milk, he made the following announcement:

"I want some chocolate juice"

He actually said 'chocolate' correctly the first time. However, this statment cause Mommy and Daddy to giggle... so then Milo repeated it several times. In these subsequent repititions, he replaced the standard pronunciation of 'chocolate' with a phoentically similar 'choc-elate' similar to how he still pronounces 'blankelet'

Anyway... my point being.... move over Hershey's... Milo may have his own product line soon.

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