Sunday, November 2, 2008

No, you may not have my Halloween treats.

This Halloween was the first one that we dressed up the kids and went trick-or-treating. We headed up to Darin & Ang's place (our friends from Kansas) and ended up having an impromptu trick-or-treat run of their neighborhood with their daughter Sam.

Mark wanted two zombies to go hunting for candy. Only one little boy was brave enough to look like the living dead. Sorta.

The boys did great! No darting into the street... no head-first dives into the candy bowls, and they were always ready to say "Thank You" and " Happy Halloween" on cue... even though they missed their opening lines of "Trick or Treat!" most of the time. As we were driving home from house-to-house candy collecting, Milo was asked if we (Mommy and Daddy) could have some of his candy.

Milo: No.

Us: Why not?

Milo: Because you don't eat animals.

hmmm... almost got us on the logic there, but I'm more pleased that he remembers that we don't consume animals!

(We were later told that Daddy could have candy, but not Mommy, because she's not a boy. Mommy swiped some anyway, just for spite. And it was good!)

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