Monday, September 7, 2009

The Greatest Grandpa Laugh Ever

Yesterday we visited Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Jack, Aunt Elisa, Uncle Matt, Aunt Adrienne, and Cousin Killian. There was a little impromptu early birthday party and BBQ for Milo with cake, balloons, hamburgers, hot dogs and all the usual stuff.

Now, to fully appreciate this story you have to go back to Saturday morning when we all met at Denny's for breakfast. At this particular Denny's there was a clown (in the literal sense) making balloon animals and toys for the kids for donations to charity. You'll see how this fits in later.

As we were wrapping up Milo's party I saw Grandpa Jack talking to Joey. Soon Joey was frantically shaking a balloon at Grandpa Jack and screaming some sort of demand at him. For several minutes Grandpa Jack desperately tried to understand what Joey was saying. However, when Joey is upset understanding him can be like trying to understand auctioneer describe a Dali painting while on dental anesthesia.

When I finally figured out what Joey was saying it I had to prepare myself so that I could relay the information to Grandpa Jack. I told him that what Joey wanted was for Grandpa Jack to take the balloon and turn it into a hot dog.

Grandpa Jack erupted in laughter to a level where I had to check his eyes to make sure they didn't roll all the way back into his head. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen anyone laugh that hard who wasn't on something.

I've said it before that Joey can be a handful... but either accidentally or on purpose, he always finds a way to make up for it in the end. It was really cool to get to witness someone get that much enjoyment out of his grandchildren.

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Auntie Barbara said...

I can totally picture this. Both Joey and Dad!