Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kraut in das Haus

Tonight may have been the first time we've ever had the boys try sauerkraut. We basically did the simple veggie hot dogs, kraut, and tater tots meal to wrap up a rainy day in Austin.

Mommy's & Daddy's hot dogs were smothered in kraut in good fashion. For the boys, I put theirs on the side just to try it out.

When dinner was served Milo asked "Dad, what's that on your hot dogs?"

I responded, "It's sauerkraut son. I gave you some too but I didn't put it on your hot dog in case you didn't like it."

Milo looked up and said "Dad, you're creeping me out."

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Auntie Barbara said...

hilarious! was he sure it was Dad that was creeping him out? or the smell of the kraut? Glad to hear you are showing your children the ways of kraut, if only we all still ate pork to complete the Czech tradition :)