Saturday, October 31, 2009

Milo's Adjustment to Pre-K

So every once and a while Milo has a run-in with a bully or at least gets into some sort of little row with an older kid. He usually has a way of either coming out ahead... or at least convincing the other kid that he's crazy enough not to be messed with again.

The daycare's privacy policy prohibits naming other parties involved in one of these events, so the note that comes home basically says "Milo and another boy got into an altercation" or something similar. With a little prying we can usually get the name of the other kid involved from Milo and this is helpful - at least for determining which birthday parties we should avoid.

The other night during dinner we were discussing how school was and Milo asked "What's the name of that older kid who beat me up?"

I guess if he can't remember the name it must not have been that traumatizing. And this screams so much "Calvin and Hobbes" it's almost plagiarism.

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