Saturday, December 12, 2009

Clipshow Post

Ok, so things have been a bit busy lately... but here are a few one-liners that brought us to our knees.

1 - The other night when Irene was reading a bedtime story to the boys Milo had to go to the bathroom. So he wouldn't miss anything, he ask "Mommy, can you press Pause?"

2 - One morning Joey woke up and walked out of his room and I said "Good morning Joey, how did you sleep?" and he responded "On my bed!"

3 - The boys were wrestling around while I was trying to put the new futon cover on and I yelled "Boys, please stop wrestling!" Joey responded with "We're not wrestling, we're fighting!" I guess even they realizing wrestling is fake...

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Auntie Barbara said...

"*sigh* another security job...."