Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Fun (Fright) Fest

Today we went to the Clarksville Family Fun Fest. There were booths for food and jewelry, face painting, animal contests, etc. There are two things that we learned today...

1. Joey is terribly afraid of clowns- even the ones that *barely* resemble clowns.

2. Joey is also terrified of skeleton face painting, as see in photo of Milo with the makeup. Joey would scream, cry and hide behind me to avoid looking at his big brother. Eventually, he chilled out a bit, but it took some time.

Well, there are actually three things learned today... Milo looks really, really good with black eyeliner... it brings out the hazel in his eyes. (I couldn't get all the makeup off in one pass, so he was stuck with eyeliner most of the night.) I know he liked the attention, and I suddenly wondered if he'd go through a "Cure" phase in high school... ah... one can only hope...!

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