Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants

Here was the sequence of events in getting Joey dressed this AM:

9:48am - Dad opens Joey's drawer and pulls out a pair of pants.
Dad - "Joey, it's time to get some pants on"
Joey - "No, I want shorts!"
Dad - "Joey, it's too cold for shorts. Let's put on some pants"
(repeat this exchange until 9:55am)

9:55am - Dad gives Joey a raspberry on his belly

9:56am - Dad pulls out a 2nd pair of pants for Joey to choose from
Dad - "Ok Joey, which pants do you want to wear"
Joey - "These pants" (yes, the same pants Dad pulled out at 9:48am)
Dad - "Ok, then come over here and let's put them on"
Joey "No! I wanna do it myself"

So yes... in the course of 8 minutes Joey went from not wanting to wear pants to insisting that he get to put them on by himself.

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Anonymous said...

Always works when they think that it is their idea!
Grandma C.