Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Milo Good - Heartbreaker

Milo has already learned the valuable lesson that keeping the ladies at a distance only makes them want you more. This morning when I dropped the boys off at school, one of Milo's little friends whom I could best describe as a Lucy Van Pelt to Milo's Charlie Brown came up to him. She was wearing a new shirt with a ballerina on the front. She asked "Hey Milo, do you like my shirt?"

Milo glanced over to his left, scanned her top with his eyes, and said "Ehhh... " and continued talking to his friends.

I cracked up... told the little girl that I liked her shirt... gave Milo a hug and walked out thinking it won't be long before our phone is ringing off the hook from little girls asking "Can I talk to Milo?"


Auntie Barbara said...

what a pimp!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and that's only the beginning....hee hee! Cindy H.