Monday, July 19, 2010

Phun with Phonics!

Tonight's bedtime was delayed a bit. When I went into the boys' room to issue an ultimatum I noticed that Milo had written "MO" on his headboard.

I asked him what "MO" was and he said "No... No is spelled 'm'.. 'o.'

I corrected him and by saying that 'No' started with an 'N'. Then I asked what else started with an 'N'...

"Nathan!" yelled Joey

"Yes Joey, Nathan starts with N" I replied.

"Naked!" yelled Milo

"Yes Milo, Naked starts with N."

At this point Joey yelled "...'N' the butt!!"

And that, my friends... is about the funniest damn thing I've heard in months!

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Auntie Baaaaabara said...

wow. nuff said ;)